Retirement Solutions Group

Whether you have a new employee or one leaving your organization, we have a suite of offerings, including best-interest advice, that can help them find the best approach for their particular situation.

Our Retirement Solutions Group consists of licensed, experienced financial professionals who can assist each participant with the following:

  • Consolidation of outside retirement assets into their Empower Retirement plan to potentially simplify their overall savings strategy and provide a more accurate retirement income projection
  • Options for when they leave employment based on their unique needs, preferences and specific circumstances
  • Recommendations on topics like saving and financial wellness, investing, roll-ins and distributions

As with any financial decision, employees are encouraged to discuss moving money between accounts, including rollovers, with a financial advisor and to consider costs, risks, investment options, and limitations prior to investing.

1 Empower Retirement IVR phone survey as of May 1, 2018.